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What is an "Extra Patrol"?

An Extra Patrol is a service available available free of charge to any resident or business owner located in Towns County. 


When should I request for an "Extra Patrol"?

If you are scheduled to be away from home for a short or extended period of time, you may submit an Extra Patrol request for deputies to conduct security checks of your home during your absence. Please understand that due to manpower restrictions and variations in the volume and nature of calls for service the patrol shift receives, Extra Patrol checks will be conducted on an "as available" basis. The Towns County Sheriff's Office cannot guarantee that a residence will be checked at specific time of the day or a minimum number of times while a resident or business owner is away.

Note: This service only available to residents in the service area of the Towns County Sheriff's Office. If you live in the city limits of the City of Hiawassee please contact the Hiawassee Police Department at (706) 896-2888 to request an Extra Patrol of your home or business.

How to request for an "Extra Patrol":

Step 1: Click on the PDF icon.

Step 2: Print the attached Extra Patrol form.

Step 3: Complete the Extra Patrol form.

Step 4: Hand deliver or email the completed form to the Towns County Sheriff's Office.

Step 5: Submit completed Extra Patrol Request Forms via email to:



Note: Please try to make requests 3 to 5 days in advance.

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